A downloadable game for macOS

This is a game made for the Indie Galactic Space Jam in Orlando Florida. This was a small 1 man game made by Peter Smith in Game Salad in the course of about 4 hours. I am working an a PC version, so look for that soon.

In a previous jam related to heart I developed a game called Adult Fish Finder in which the player had to tap the screen to get two fish together to fall in love. I was looking to repeat that game with astronauts in this jam, but after discussing with a NASA employee i thought better of it and had the astronaut fix problems on the space station. Although, there is still a chance you can find love in this game.

This game plays with the idea that it is hard to maneuver in space and although you can move fast, it is much more likely that you will spin off to your doom if you do. So, slow meaningful movements are more appropriate for success. Although fast movements can be fun too.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it,

Peter Smith


Fix it Space.app.zip 11 MB

Install instructions

This is an app you click on it! With your mouse!!!

Once in the game you will press "SPACE" to begin (get it?). Then use the up and down arrows to rotate and forward and back to use your forward and back thrusters.